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Step Forward Education

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Step Forward Education
Step Forward Education
Debra May
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  • Educational.
Step Forward Education provides high schools nationwide with innovative, experience-based elective courses that empower youth to be our future creative thinkers, skilled humanitarian leaders, and social entrepreneurs.
Step Forward Education high school elective courses prepare youth with the broad range of skills and strengths of character required to competently address the complex national and global challenges of the 21st Century.

Examples of curriculum components are: Envisioning Future Potential, Innovative Whole-Systems Thinking, Dynamic Stages of Societal Progress, Leadership Skills, Collaboration Skills, Group Creative Problem Solving Challenges, Researching People & Projects Making a Difference, Community Service Projects, Conflict Resolution Skills, Building a Service Network of Global Peers, Multi-Media Community Presentations about 21st Century Problems and Solutions, Career Exploration, and Student Portfolios for College and Career.

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