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FRAANK is a small all-volunteer based non profit organization located in central
Arizona and dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged and troubled children in Sedona and the Verde Valley.
Through their annual summer bicycle adventures, our volunteers attempt to advance
public awareness toward issues that may negatively impact the well being of children
in the US as well as raise funds for local children and their families suffering from
medical illnesses and personal maladies.

FRAANK is a legally incorporated non profit organization chartered by the state of
Arizona. 100% of all contributions received through the FRAANK organization are
given to the beneficiaries of that particular event.

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Kelsea is a 16-year old local Verde Valley girl that suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. This disease is a chronic lung disease that causes other complications in the body as it progresses. Kelsea is now an insulin diabetic and has recently been diagnosed with end stage liver disease. A liver transplant will be in her near future. The family endures heavy medical bills and expenses related to traveling to and from Phoenix and the Children’s L.A. transplant center in California.

Although she will always live with this chronic disease she is eager to live for the moment and does so by working hard and hoping to attend college someday. She is carrying an extra load in high school in an attempt to graduate early. She also works part time and needs a reliable car to transport her to and fro’. Her working family of four share 2 cars which is logistically challenging. Her brother is also college bound and the strain of helping both children realize their ambition is a financial burden for Kelsea's parents and thus weighs heavily on this ambitious young lady.

Kelsea knows how to persevere through pain and hospitalization and does so without complaining or blaming. “My parents are the most wonderful people in the world and we love each other to death but I always feel like I’m a burden to them.” At this time a reliable vehicle to get her to and from work would help her feel better about that. And Kelsea deserves to feel better.

If you wish to see a picture of Kelsea you may do so by visiting the FRAANK website ( and clicking on the Beneficiaries tab. The FRAANK organization has generously donated $1000 to help Kelsea buy a car. But its president and founder Romano Scaturro has expressed his concern that $1000 might not be enough to buy Kelsea a decent reliable car.

Date Submitted: 11-19-2014



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