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Arizona Current Homeschool
Janice Goimarac
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30 families
Varied throughout the school year
We are a vibrant community of homeschool families who share our talents and time for the edification of our children.

Our Purpose Statement:
Our goal is to build a dynamic network of homeschooling families in the Verde Valley.
By welcoming the talents of local parents--and providing a platform for them to create the activities that reflect their family’s interests and needs—we will create a community worthy of our children.
Authentic, intellectually challenging, creative, and fun.
We serve the 80 children in our group by providing academic workshops, sports days, field trips, service projects to the community, and other events that will give them academic and social experiences.

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Sports Equipment Needed

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For our twice-monthly Sports Day, the following equipment is needed:
2 sets of bases (for softball, kickball, whiffle ball)
2 rubber playground balls (for kickball)
6 5-gallon buckets (for Capture the Flag)
6 tennis balls (for Capture the Flag)
4 cones (for Capture the Flag)
long rope - preferably colored (for Capture the Flag, dodgeball)
20 soft foam balls (for dodgeball)
2-3 whiffle bats (for whiffle ball)
10 whiffle balls (for whiffle ball)

Date Submitted: 3/21/16



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