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     Sedona Wish List originated from prospective Sedonan real estate clients repeatedly asking what it is like living in a "tourist town".  They wanted to know more about the community - and if there even was one - and how they might fit in.  Living in Sedona since 1979, I knew much about our history, had belonged to many organizations and even started a few.  But I found that I really didn't know all there was to know.  By the time I retired in 2006, after 25 years in Sedona real estate, the internet was strong.  It occurred to me that it would be fairly easy to create a website to connect the members of the community to all of its service organizations, envisioning probably around 40 members, tops.  It was an idea that wouldn't go away, despite my desire to retire to my new sculpture studio.  So one day I took my idea to a meeting of NeXT, a small group of Sedona service organization directors, sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce.  They liked the idea so much that most of them signed up on the spot - and suddenly Sedona Wish List came into existence.  The date was October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), a memorable day.  By the time the website was operable the following January in test mode, there were already 40 members.  And by the time it was fully operable, there were over 60 service organization members in the categories of arts, animal rescue, ecological, educational, historical, public service or social service. Some organizations offer funding scholarships, and services.  


      Now, in its fourth year, it has stabilized around 90 members.  It soon became obvious that we needed something to drive the community to the website.  The Red Rock News thought a Sedona Wish List weekly column was a splendid idea, and the newspaper has been the chief motivator for the communities participation in granting "Wishes" of the service organizations.

     For most of the first four years, i was the Director, secretary, writer, speaker and sole source of income for Sedona Wish List.  In July of 2004 Astara Fisher was appointed as Director.

Barbara Vickers, mfa

Founder, Sedona Wish List© and SedonaWishList.org©

Q: What are the qualifications for membership in Sedona Wish List?


 A: Member organizations must be not-for-profit (although not required to be a 501c3), Sedona based (a substantial base operation, board membership, number of volunteers, members or clientele in Sedona), provide service to the community and be secular (non-religious and non-spiritual).  Membership is free.


 Q: Is the "Wish List" format available for other towns to use?


 A:  It was created only for, Sedona, AZ.  However, there have been several inquiries, so our webmaster says he could adapt it to help other towns develop their own “Wish List” site affordably.  Please email  Barbara Vickers or call 928-282-4163 for information.  Please note that Sedona Wish List, SedonaWishList.org and .net, and all associated materials, including logos, formats and pages are all copyrighted.

 All information submitted by participating organizations to SedonaWishList.org shall be the sole responsibility of that organization.  SedonaWishList.org and Barbara Vickers are not responsible for the content of any participating organization's page.