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Sedona 99s - Red Rockettes
Sedona 99s - Red Rockettes
Barbara Vickers
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  • Educational.
  • Historical.
  • Public Service.
  • Philanthropic
$65. Int'l dues; $10. local dues
Third Tuesday, 6pm, potluck at members' homes
Chapter of The 99s, Int'l Organization of Women Pilots
Established in 1929 by 99 women pilots to provide mutual support and advancement of aviation, The Ninety-Nines Organization of Women Pilots has continued and expanded that mission. Today, the organization promotes world fellowship through flight, provides networking and scholarship opportunities for women and aviation education in the community and preserves the unique history of women in aviation.
"Airmarking" name, elevation and runway numbers of local airport taxiways. Annual Scholarships. Compiling a history of Sedona area women pilots.

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  • members
  • Description: Members at 2009 Xmas party at Jan Thompson's Hangar in Cottonwood. All Women Pilots!
99s Booth at the Sedona Fair, 2009
  • 99s Booth at the Sedona Fair, 2009
  • Description: Jean McConnell and June Kaiser represent the Sedona Red Rockettes at the Sedona Fair, 2009
99s Meeting, July, 2007
  • 99s Meeting, July, 2007
  • Description: Hass Maxson, Lois Neville, Jean McConnell, Barbara Vickers, Kathy Eaton, Beverly Wilkinson (standing) and Julie Millis (President) and June Kaiser (seated) at a 99s meeting, july, 2007 at Julie Millis' home.
  • "Plane Cooking - Good Things from the Kitches of Pilots on the Go-Around"
  • Description: Plane Cooking - the Sedona Red Rockettes cookbook being sold to raise funds for our flight scholarships.
Sedona 99s Very First Meeting
  • Sedona 99s Very First Meeting
  • Description: Sedona Red Rockettes first meeting - original members with our instructor, Ed Maxson: (from left) Jan Blackwood, unknown, Laura Pratt; Hass Maxson, Ed Maxson, Barbara Vickers, Jeri Jene Diehl, unknown
WASP members Nell Bright and Beverly Wilkinson
  • WASP members Nell Bright and Beverly Wilkinson
  • Description: Nell and Beverly were both WASPs (Women's Air Force Service Pilots) in World War 2. We are honored to have them as members of the Sedona Red Rockettes.
Sedona 99s Hangar Sale
  • Sedona 99s Hangar Sale
  • Description: For many years in the early 1990s, the Sedona 99s held a "Hangar Sale" (version of a yard sale) in Barbara Vickers' hangar at the Sedona Airport to raise funds for their flight scholarships.
Jan Thompson, Sedona 99s Past President
  • Jan Thompson, Sedona 99s Past President
  • Description:

    President Jan Thompson 3-17-99

Bette Bach Fineman
  • Bette Bach Fineman
  • Description: Bette Bach Fineman at Winslow Fly-In, 9-15-07
Sedona 99s Silent Auction
  • Sedona 99s Silent Auction
  • Description: In the late '90s, the Sedona 99s had a silent auction in the Sedona Airport Terminal each year on "Airport Day". (left to right) Nell Bright, Julie Millis, Jean McConnell, Barbara Vickers, and Bette Fineman (sitting)
Sedona Women Pilots
  • Sedona Women Pilots
  • Description: Sedona 99s Pilots at the Sedona Airport. (left to right) Kathy Moore, Lois Neville, Nell Bright, Jacie Crowell
Sedona 99s at the Gold Mine
  • Sedona 99s at the Gold Mine
  • Description: Sedona 99s visited Louise Hicks' gold mine near Wickenburg in October '08.
2010-11 President Julie Millis & husband Bob Millis
  • 2010-11 President Julie Millis & husband Bob Millis
  • Description: On rooftop deck at a meeting at Barbara Vickers' home

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